When fasting is fattening?

Many patients have successfully adapted the time restricted eating pattern that I have recommended. I see some people who aren’t benefiting, and largely it comes down to 1 mistake.

I hear it all the time. Well by the time the kids and the wife get home …and diner is cooked, it’s just not practical to eat by 7, we eat at 8 (or 9). Well sorry! That’s too late!  Especially if it is the largest meal of the day! And it often is the largest meal of the day.! People that consume more than 30 % of their food after 6 PM are at much higher risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure

So, fasting, when delayed becomes the good old-fashioned obesity pattern. That is, skip meals until you are deathly hungry and consume most of your food late, close to bedtime. This is not fasting, this is lethal.

So, what to do? Does the family tradition have to be an food orgy every night? Do we have to kill each other to maintain a family? Maybe, there other ways to unite the family besides a late engorgement? For sure this will require efforts on all parts to shift meals earlier in the days. Maybe the family meal is a fruits snack, a candle prayer, or a group activtyy? activtyactivity? You must change or continue the obesogenic diet and its future consequences.

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