We have been talking about sugar , it’s toxicity and hidden sources , What is worse than sugar? Artificial sweeteners! The common ingredient in most “diet sodas” , there is a possibilty that manufacturers may have to remove the “diet”  claim in that there have been no studies to show that these sweeteners promote weight loss. In fact, they do the opposite. They promote weight gain! The weight gain is about 15% more than if you drink an equivalent amount of regular soda. It’s even worse than that. Obesity risk is increases, pre-diabetes risk goes up 36% ,  and diabetes risk goes up 67%!  As little as 1 diet soda a day increase stork risk by 2.6 and dementia risk 3 X. Risk of depression goes up 30% with only 1 can a day

So artificial sweeteners are toxic, You should avoid them completely. So look for artificial sweeteners in your diet and we will review the hidden sources of them next.

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