Paleo and ketogenic diets restrict beans. What do the studies show? Beans were restricted partially because of high sugar content. The proponents of beans cite their very low glycemic index. (this measure shown tightly the sugar is bound to fiber, lower reading suggests they are bound and therefore the sugar will be more slowly released and not cause the insulin surge and weight gain expected) They do, in fact, have low glycemic index. How do they perform in studies? Surprisingly well!  In 1 study, they lowered average blood sugar reading and weight, which are my main concerns for beans. In another study, centenarians reported bean intake as one of their main nutrients! In a Japanese study,  beans were shown to decrease cardiovascular disease and prolong life. So, we have the theory of harm to weight and blood sugar, not substantiated in limited studies. We have studies supporting their promotion of longevity. Which way do you vote? To bean or not to bean? See in the next issue.

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