So, what did you guess? If you guessed Vitamin D, then congratulations! Most would choose otherwise. Why vitamin D? 80% or more are deficient even in Florida. There are no good dietary sources. Milk provides 100 IU, whereas you need 5,000 IU daily, you would have to drink 50 glasses of mild daily! I do not recommend that. A multivitamin contains only 400 IU. You would have to take 12 to get the right dosage.

What does it do?  Well everything. It is the #1 most beneficial nutrient.  It is useful for weight control, people with low levels cannot lose weight. I decreases diabetes risk in ½ and pre-diabetes by 91%! People with low levels have a 20 X risk of Alzheimer’s!  People with severe deficiency have a 71% higher risk of death. Deficiency leads to a 40% higher risk of cancer.

There are many other benefits. It improves mood, general achiness, immune function and blood pressure control, in short, if you can only take 1 supplement, take this one.

We’ll discuss the other choices in next issues. If you could take a second, what would it be?

Juice plus multivitamin?


Omega 3?

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