Cholesterol not the enemy! Insulin resistance, diabetes and chronic inflammation are the sources of illness. 

So says Alternative medicine Guru, Dr Joseph Mercola, famous alternative medicine physician, in a recent article.

He now has apparently studied my last 2 books, and now knows what every new patient in my practice does! LMAO!

Further “new conclusions” are:

Saturated fat is not the enemy – That was in my first book “The Globes best diet” published in 2008.

Trans Fatty acids like margarine are dangerous – also in my first book

Omega 6 fatty acids cause inflammation- Books 1 and 2 “love your cholesterol the aging solution”- Published in 2018

Statin use is dangerous and based on faulty science.  Book 2 and also stressed that sugar and inflammation are the main enemies.   BTW -Dr Mercola diabetes is kind of redundant, its’ just worsening of insulin resistance.

Patients can thank me for being decades ahead in scientific research, Maybe Dr Mercola  will  credit me for his “new findings” next time! LOL

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