COVID Update

Greetings patients. It has been a crazy 2020. Important things you need to know…

  1. Florida Anti-Aging center is OPEN and has never closed. We wish to continue our excellent care in any crisis.
  2. Florida Anti-Aging center is thriving! Many people in isolation were able to focus more on their health and used the economy re-opening to join us! Keep spreading the word!
  3. Our patient population thrived during COVID! Most of you have heard me pounding my desk over vitamin D for 5 years or more. It turns out it’s protective of COVID! Although we have many first responders, (thank you for your service) their health remained good as did my whole patient population! We had no COVID deaths! There is something to this formula!
  4. We still have bioidentical growth hormone available to those with private non-government insurance to qualified patients for as low as $95/month (plus shipping).
    During COVID, I relaxed visit and bloodwork requirements to minimize the risks of exposure to COVID, we have gone long enough down that pathway. For those that are over 6 months, and especially if you are on a controlled substance like Adderall, you must have a face-to-face visit and update bloodwork or your prescription sizes will progressively decrease!
  6. I feel for many of our patients, as the total price to each individual in terms of physical, mental, and social health has been devastating to many and far exceeds any consequence they might have received from getting the infection. It’s been a tough time for everyone, let’s move past it and get back to life. Come see me!

Best of health to all,

 Raymond Adamcik. M.D.

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