Most people agree that a doughnut is a sugar laden unhealthy snack. Many people utilize protein bars for snacks, but most don’t check the contents.  It seems that anything that has protein in the name is fair game as a snack, which is presumed healthy because it contains protein.  Most protein bars are heavy in protein but also heavy in carbohydrates.  Most of the protein bars I have reviewed have 20 grams of carbohydrates and often higher (mid-20’s to 30) A Doughnut has about 21 grams of carbs. Is that protein bar so healthy then?

You could argue that the protein bar has that additional healthy protein. The truth is that most Americans already get far more than enough protein. Average protein intake is over 100 grams daily, with needs for most around 50 grams. Granted if you are bodybuilding or performing heavy physical labor, more might be desirable, but most people don’t need more protein. Protein itself is not without risk. Higher intakes are correlated with some forms of cancer and higher cardiovascular risk, but not to the level of danger that you are getting from the hidden sugars in them.

The fat in doughnuts is also highly undesirable, so I am not recommending doughnuts, but cautioning you about protein bars as their excesses of sugar and protein could be deleterious.  Find healthier snacks, nuts, fruit, hard boiled eggs, etc.

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