On a 1 –10 basis, how is your energy? How is your mood? How is your sleep? If our answers are 1-4/10 on energy, there is a high probability that you have a hormone deficiency. 5-7/10? There is still a good probability that non- optimal hormones are at the root. Even people with 8 + ratings can be hormone deficient. You don’t know how badly you feel until you feel better! 

So, if your energy is running low, what is my most powerful intervention? It may surprise you, but for both men and women, the answer is Testosterone!  For women also? Yes, men have estrogen (the predominately female hormone). And women have testosterone (the predominantly male hormone) and they serve essential functions on both. Deficiency or for that matter, non-optimal numbers, can cause significant symptoms, one of which is fatigue. 

More about testosterone and other critical hormone deficiencies next time 

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