Did anyone say beans? Many patients are surprised at this one, as beans are touted as a protein source, but did you know that a cup of beans has 230 calories of which 170 are from carbohydrates (the general form of sugar) and only 60 calories come from protein.  That makes them approximately 75 % sugar!   A cup of beans contains between 35 on 50 grams of carbs, which is more than I recommend for the entire day!

Other downsides to beans are they contain phytic acid, which prevents absorption of other nutrients, especially electrolytes. Therefore, they can promote osteoporosis. Their sugar is galaco-ligosaccharides, which can cause digestive issues. They also contain lectin, which is potentially toxic and can contribute to leaky gut and auto-immune disorders.

So If you are eating them for health, you should rethink this issue and at least moderate them to only on an occasional basis.

Keep watching your diet as I reveal more hidden sugar sources. See if you can identify them.

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