If you chose Juice Plus multivitamin was your first-choice nutrient, Buzz incorrect, this shows you haven’t learned much since high school about nutrition. You desperately need my help! I chose juice plus because I frequently hear that one from patients, and IMO it’s one of the worst.  If we can assume that a patient takes a multivitamin to fill in holes of essential nutrients, and that essential nutrients can be vitamins or minerals, then it gets a straight F!  It contains only 4 vitamins and none of the essential minerals. It does contain some fruit and vegetable extracts, but these are non-essential.  Other multivitamins are not much better. Multivitamins like one a day or centrum, do contain the essential vitamins, but in ridiculously low amounts, and sometimes not in a useful form, and they lack many essential micronutrients. Life extension 2 per day is the only one I recommend as being the most complete of the vitamins with micronutrients also.  Despite its relative completeness, they still do not contain optimal amounts of vitamin d3, magnesium, omega 3, vitamin K, and vitamin C and these are the more important nutrients. Hence, I have recommended them before a multi. There have been no studies to show that a multivitamin prolongs life, nor prevents any disease state. There is evidence that some, especially the b vitamins are helpful for mood, psychiatric conditions, and some areas of metabolism. Therefore, there is some evidence of usefulness, but not the longevity and disease protective effects of our previous nutrients.

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