Are You Tired, Putting on Weight in the Middle or Suffering From Anxiety?

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Find out how Florida Anti Aging Center can help with a variety of issues caused by hormone imbalance. Dr. Adamcik is certified in Anti-Aging and can help identify your issues and put you on a plan that can result in more energy and a healthier lifestyle.

Hormone Questionnaire


Hormones are essential for life. Absence or severe deficiencies can cause serious disease or death for the most important members of this category. Deficiencies of cortisol, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and thyroid are some of the more powerful stimulators, and deficiencies of these do, in fact, cause severe illness , eventually leading to death. These are some of the key hormones that we evaluate and treat to achieve maximum health. Read more about how hormones can affect your wellbeing.

Low Testosterone

Are you tired? Are you putting on weight in the middle? These are 2 most classic Low T (testosterone) symptoms.  With both, the diagnosis is extremely likely at any age. Other common symptoms include anxiety or depression, poor strength, poor sleep, brain fog, and the last thing to go is libido and sexual function. Read more about low testosterone.

Sexual Dysfunction

Both men and women may suffer from sexual dysfunction. There are different conditions involved in sexual dysfunction. This may include diminished libido, poor excitation, erectile dysfunction, and difficulties achieving orgasm. The recommended treatment will vary based on the symptoms. Learn more about Erectile Dysfunction and treatment options.