More Hidden Sugar

Did anyone out there say milk?  Much attention has been made to the fat content. The original whole milk has cut down its fat content to 2% and even zero in skim. These changes originated when the fallacious low-fat diet was popular. This wrongful demonization of saturated fat obsessed the food and medical industries for decades, and fragments of that persist. Unfortunately, we were after the wrong enemy as detailed in my book “the Globes Best Diet” published in 2007, which was the forerunner to the paleo diet. With these withdrawals of healthy fat, no one touched the real enemy, sugar. Regardless of whether it is whole, 2% or skim milk, the carbohydrate content for only 8 ounces is 12 grams of sugar. Although this still fits within my guideline of shooting for 30 grams of carbs daily or less, if you are one of those that enjoys milk greatly and indulge with more than an 8-ounce glass, you will be putting your system into carb overload quickly. If instead you choose chocolate milk, you will be at 35 grams of carbs! In addition, many people are intolerant to its type of sugar, lactose, which can aggravate many GI symptoms. So, include milk in your carb rich foods and moderate it also.

Keep looking for hidden sugar, more on Thursday