Things change. In the old days, many patients would say “I get all the nutrition I need from eating food. “Nowadays with the explosion of carbohydrates in the diet, the explosion of processed foods, GMO altered foods, most people realize that the standard American diet is insufficient to provide these nutrients. IMO all patients need some nutritional support with supplements. There is vast array of supplements available today. I hear about a new one every day. They all sound good too. There are multiple manufacturers too, how do you sort through this vast array of options? Answer, you don’t have to.  Members can get complete supplement analysis and recommendations. However, for your homework, if you were to choose 1 nutritional supplement that is documented to be the most helpful (IMO) for general health, disease protection, and promoting longevity, which of the following would you choose?

Juice Plus Multivitamin?

Vitamin D?

Omega 3 fish oil?


In the next blogs we will sort through these options and divulge the answer

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