Why Concierge Medicine?

Audrey Addington - Florida Anti Aging Center

In traditional medicine , the insurance company controls the  treatment you get. In Concierge medicine you control the treatment !  Our goal is to give you the BEST treatments!


The 3 main reasons for concierge in this office -

  1. To get access to the best care. Traditional medicine focuses on band-aiding illnesses with pills. The result is that most people feel no improvement with it. Your membership allows you access to Dr. Adamcik ‘s highly specialized and unique expertise. His focus is to find and treat the primary sources of illness and to improve your quality of life and health in the process.
  2. To be in charge. With concierge medicine you are the star of the show.  Your time with the doctor is not limited as in traditional insurance models.  Our treatment options are not limited by the insurance companies. We can provide conveniences like phone and skype visits or navigate every turn in the road for you.
  3. To get the best service- We are committed to responding to your needs quickly and at top quality. We hope to add a personal family touch to your care.