“I’m tired and putting on weight.” Two-thirds of our population is overweight or worse! Many have obesity or morbid obesity. Besides the obvious cosmetic unattractiveness of being overweight (or worse), there are obvious health implications for disease risk including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia. These consequences are more than enough to motivate most to want to change and lose weight. Unfortunately, success rates are low. About 95% of those that lose weight relapse to their former weight. Perhaps, main stream medicine has been using the wrong strategy. Medicines current strategy is,” take this pill eat less, or follow this diet until you lose your weight, then go back to doing that got you there in the first place.” These short term Band-Aids are bound to fail when weight issues are a chronic and complex disease process.

At Florida Anti-Aging Center, I offer a more comprehensive approach to this epidemic. I want you to be on the right diet, have the right activity, have the right nutrients, have the right metabolism, and have the right hormones in the right amount. We have to push the fat burning button, have the right micro bacteria flora in your gut, and you must sleep. If these issues are properly addressed and treated, then we can push the easy button when it comes to weight control. If you do the right thing in terms of diet and activity, you begin to see the results in terms of better weight and health!

They don’t teach these secrets in medical school. Main stream medicine does not understand or acknowledge these concepts. I have spent the last 15 years studying weight control and metabolism and I will share my knowledge and success secrets with you in upcoming blogs, or if you want to experience it for yourself, Come to the Florida Anti-aging center for results!

Coming up, are these symptoms of fatigue and weight gain interrelated? The answer is HELL YES! In order to fix metabolism, weight and energy, hormones are central to the issue. Optimizing hormones is central to long term energy and weight control. It’s not just the Band-Aid, but the cure!

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