BPC-157: Promotes healing and inflammation reduction, useful in tendon, muscle, intestine, and brain repair, available oral and injectable.

SEMAGLUTIDE: Affects appetite and blood sugar metabolism, promoting weight loss, reduces neuro- inflammation, prevents neuronal death. (injectable)

TIRZEPATIDE: Similar to Semaglutide, but utilized 2 different peptides (injectable)

CJC 1295/IPAMORELIN: Stimulates internal HGH production, similar affects as HGH except using hypothalamus and pituitary.(injectable)

PT 141: Improves sexual function from central nervous system activation. (injectable)

OXYCTOCIN: Sub Lingual, improves mood and closeness to partner, improving sex

MOTS-C: A peptide that is involved in control of mitochondrial metabolism, it increases energy production and utilization of glucose and fatty acids. It activates AMPK the energy control switch, it has been shown to improve insulin resistance. It is potentially used for obesity and weight gain, type two diabetes, anti-aging, cell protection, mitochondrial dysfunction, and meta inflammation, also for cardiac protection, osteoporosis prevention and treatment, improves endothelial dysfunction and reduces inflammatory cytokines and could be helpful in coronary circulation.

There have been studies to suggest that it may be useful in reversing age-related conditions including neurologic conditions, increase the synthesis of collagen one which would help treat or prevent osteoporosis, improves lipid utilization, and therefore decreases visceral fat and could help hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) (injectable)

BPC157/TB500/MFG: A combination of the best 3 peptides to promote healing, these peptides can promote systemic healing, a local injection given over about 1 months’ time to promote localized healing, useful for sports injuries, but also for more chronic localized conditions. (injectable)

IGF-LR3: The powerful arm of growth hormone, responsible for 70% of muscle, it improves belly fat burning, muscle strength and particularly brain function, 1 reported side effect is SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE! (injectable)