I had to debate with this nutrient and my number 3 nutrient as its a close call. They both have documented disease protection and longevity extension. I think more are deficient of this second nutrient than my # 3 choice,so I will go with omega 3 as number 2

Omega 3 is an essential nutrient. If you don’t supply your body with it, you will be deficient, it can’t make it.  Omega 3 ‘s are critical for brain function. It is an essential part for brain structure. It can also induce new brain cells.

It also reduces inflammation and therefore reduces cardiovascular disease by about 10%, I t reduces overall death by 8%, It improves triglycerides and “good cholesterol” HDL . It also improves mood and more. If you are a big eater of tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel or anchovies, your intake may be such that you need less. As most of my patients do not eat  the above fish 2 times weekly, the greatest majority are deficient.

we have 2 choices left now,which will be number 3?

Magnesium or juice plus multivitamin? We will see next week.

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