Treat Wrinkles for a More Youthful Appearance

older woman in need of BOTOX

BOTOX® treats wrinkles caused by over-active muscles. Generally it is used from the eyes up. There are advanced uses that can treat winkles in the chin and lip areas that I am also trained for. I have been using BOTOX® since 2008, so 10 years of experience. I have had no major problems with it since then.

There are various forms of BOTOX®. There is regular BOTOX®, which is Botulin Toxin A. There is a more refined version of BOTOX®, Xeomin which is also effective and cost saving. There is also Botulin Toxin B or Dysport. We don’t normally stock this, but could be available on request.

Fillers are meant to replace lost volume, usually but not exclusively below the eyes. These wrinkles occur as the body loses it supporting connective tissue and these folds generally do not repond to BOTOX®. Smile lines, frown lines, jowls, and thin lips are common uses. With a filler, you can reshape the face to a more youthful experience. I particularly like to replace cheek volume as this give a more youthful happy appearance and improves line-like smile lines to boot. I have been trained in advanced filler techniques since 2008.