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Well, I’m Back from the World Anti-aging conference and WOW! I am yet amazed what a life changing experience for me and for my patients. FYI- I pushed the pedal to the medal here, and I went the extra mile for you! I attended 4 days of extremely complex conferences and added in lunch and evening meetings too. It was nerd Paradise!

I always search for something that can possibly impact most of my patient population. Last year it was fasting, this year it is………GROWTH HORMONE!

Growth hormone should be called repair hormone, as it is necessary in adult years, very much necessary! Why growth hormone now, well 3 reasons.

  1. I WANT YOU TO LIVE LONGER. There is now a mountain of evidence supporting its usefulness for improvement of quality of life, but also for promotion of belly fat loss, increased muscle, better cognition and mood.  Studies also corelate with lower disease risk (including cancer risk) and LONGER LIFE!
  2. The heat is off. The regulations for prescribing GH have loosened so that all patients potentially qualify
  3. There has been a great decrease in cost of AMERICAN manufactured GH from 1 source!

So unquestionably beneficial, now legal and affordable, what’s not to like?

I will be producing a YouTube video shortly so summarize the effects. To discuss this further, schedule a peptide consultation.


What else. Re-iterated over and over, you have heard me say this before

SUGAR IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL – The speakers detailed in slide after slide how it throws off your entire metabolism, path after path, after path, leading ultimately to cell death! Limit your carbohydrate intake as it is the food of the devil.

New Nutrients- I am excited about the studies on NAD Nicotinamide Riboside and its benefits in metabolism. I will be making a handout and reviewing it as patient come through for their wellness visits. Most patients would benefit from this

Another new top nutrient is HMB Hydroxyethyl Butyric acid, this is helpful for weight loss and muscle building and may be appropriate for some patients

There were also interesting talks on birth control and hormone metabolism. There was emphasis on the importance of methylation pathways in hormone breakdown and other health issues, I will be reassessing the testing of methylations and consider urine hormone metabolite testing in some.

I look forward to seeing you soon to discuss how the latest world expert recommendations can help YOU!

1  Year celebration and conference

The Evolution of Medicine- New Horizions

Join Dr. Adamcik, who will be hosting a seminar and 1-year celebration at the Florida Anti- Aging Center.  Dr Adamcik has 37 years of clinical experience with over 50,000 patients. He is also the author of “Globes Best Diet” and” Love your cholesterol – the Aging solution”. He will share his knowledge and personal experiences that have led him to the next age of medicine! He will present cutting edge approaches that Improve quality of life and health. The talk will include discussions of diet, cholesterol, weight control, activity, hormones, metabolism, supplements, inflammation, sugar damage, quality of life, disease prevention and longevity.  DON’T MISS IT!

Refreshments, raffle prizes, and discounts!


Florida anti-aging center will be closed for vacation June 18-22. We will have access to messages and will process non-controlled refills, Please plan ahead accordingly for any controlled refills or appointments.


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