Testimonials for Dr. Adamcik
and Florida Anti-Aging Center

I am very pleased with Dr. Adamcik and staff. Attention to detail of my labs is great! I value Dr. Adamcik’s knowledge and guidance in regenerative medicine.

Curtis T.
April 24, 2019


I was skeptical of testosterone replacement therapy for a long time. I did not believe that it would work as well as advertised. My wife would mention my poor attitude and lack of initiative to do anything. One of my friends mentioned how testosterone replacement therapy helped him with similar issues. After seeing Dr. Adamcik and he reviewed my blood work, he noticed deficiencies in a few different areas. After receiving treatment, I noticed a difference, and now feel that I am a much healthier version of myself than I was before. It is a night and day difference and my family and friends can tell the difference too. My attitude, initiative, and overall health both physical and mental, are better now than they have ever been.

Tim S.
November 28, 2019


I don’t even know where to begin. I always have taken care of myself physically and I am a vegan. But mother nature was kicking my butt. I came to Dr. Adamcik about a year now and he has changed my life! I was killing myself working out and he helped jump start everything. I don’t trust anyone but Dr. Adamcik! My husband comes here and feels great and my daughter will be coming here. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Adamcik. Everyone should go see him. He recommended a simple supplement that literally changed my whole life in three weeks!

Monica A.
May 25, 2018


I have been coming to Dr. Adamcik since he was practicing in Malabar. The first weight loss combined with the BioTE I lost 50 pounds. Dr. Adamcik keeps me on track with my diet and exercise plus he monitors all my levels with blood work. Any time I fall off the wagon and start gaining weight, I come back and he gets me losing weight again. He is a great doctor, very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and have referred many patients to him who have also had great results.

Lenora C.
August 7, 2018


I came to Dr. Adamcik because I was having a very hard time losing weight even with diet and exercise He looked at my blood work, found what vitamins and hormones I was deficient in and my mood, weight, energy and outlook became a positive aspect in my life. I didn’t and don’t care much on the number on the scale, but it went down almost 20 pounds with just adding what he prescribed! I can see so much muscle definition now and I look and feel amazing! Everyone notices a difference even the people I see on a daily basis (that’s huge!). I have more energy, healthy as can be. You can tell just by looking at me, I am glowing, happy, healthy and fit. I recommend Dr. Adamcik to all of my family and friends and everyone I meet. Thank you so much Dr. Adamcik!

Erica G.
November 30, 2018


I was continually getting sick and suffered from low energy. I asked my primary care physician to test my testosterone. My results came back low testosterone. After a few months on a low dose, I was not feeling better. I was referred to Dr. Adamcik from a friend after being a patient for two months, I have lost 12 pounds and my energy levels have skyrocketed. I am so grateful for Dr. Adamcik and Audrey. My life is awesome now and I feel awesome. I highly recommend anyone to utilize this powerful resource.

Mike J.
February 7, 2019


I had a friend recommend that I visit Dr. Adamcik after I discussed my low testosterone symptoms with hi. I was having sleep issues, no energy, my libido was low. It was obvious I needed to do something. In less than six weeks after my first visit my life has changed. I have abundant energy, my sleep is better, and my personal life is much better. Dr. Adamcik was able to spot exactly what I needed through my blood test. I highly recommend him to my friends and those who want to improve their lives. I will stick to his program. Thank you to Dr. Adamcik and his staff.

Scott H.
February 20, 2019