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Weight loss or weight control is greatly underestimated in terms of its complexity. Medicine thinks that a single pill will solve the problem. The food industry thinks that only dietary interventions are needed, but there is great disagreement as to what the right diet should be. The fitness industry promotes that improved activity will solve the problem. Certainly all of these are just some of the components involved in weight control. Fixing one will yield temporary results. Without addressing the entire causative reasons, results will be like most people currently achieve, shallow weight loss with a 95% return to baseline weight. In my opinion, the current roller coaster method is unacceptable, and at Florida Anti-Aging Center, I shoot for large results that last!

Weight is determined by many factors: diet, activity, hormones, metabolism, proper nutrients, sleep, appetite control, and your internal bacterial make-up (your microbiome). All of the standard approaches address only 1 or 2 of these factors, leaving you with inadequate treatments and temporary results.

The right diet is essential. There is a great amount of misinformation out there regarding diet. Food manufacturers want to sway dieters to use their product with misleading advertisements. Some examples of this would be subway sandwiches, Special K, artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, and many more products that not only do not promote weight loss, but also can aggravate weight gain! I have studied this subject intensively and have written a book on the subject (The Globe’s Best Diet) I can guide you through the dietary pitfalls that even knowledgeable dieters may miss.

Activity is also quite important, but it is only one component of the problem. The three types of exercise, strength, endurance and flexibility all have their role in body health. Although exercise is important, the proper balance of exercise is also important. Over-training can lead to opposite results in some cases. I am familiar with specific exercise types that can create better results with less efforts.

Appetite control is important, especially while the early diet transition phases are occurring and cravings are the highest. I am a strong believer that these medicines are useful, but it doesn’t have to be a $300 monthly prescription to do the job. Weight control is a chronic condition, therefore appetite control is also needed chronically and do not limit their duration to an officially short time period.

Hormones are key to weight control, but main stream medicine and most of the general public are clueless to these issues. Hormones peak at 20 and progressively decline into “old age”. Most people are aware of this in some degree as they see their dietary attempts are less and less successful over time. There are six hormones involved in weight control. If I can get those hormones in the optimal category, it pushes the easy button for you. If you do the right things from a diet and exercise component, then you will start to see results because you are not walking uphill against underactive hormonal system.

Metabolism can also affect results. Most people’s system is stuck in making sugar and fat, even though they have enough. We can turn on the fat burring switch. The body also needs the right nutrients to metabolize properly and I will recommend those that will optimize your results.

Even your own internal bacteria can affect your results, another component addressed in my comprehensive program.

So if you struggle with weight issues, or have been a yo-yo dieter, then you need to see someone that has specialized knowledge and training in this problem. Partial measure will get you partial, short results, but not the huge long term results you desire.


by Ken W.

I came to Dr Adamcik because I was referred by a friend. I was sceptical about what I was hearing so I decided to try him out. I was feeling tired all the time , no energy, gaining weight, and had a bad attitude. Within 30 days of seeing him, I was lousing weight, sleeping better, with tons of energy . I have been seeing him for over a year and I feel like I’m 25 again! I have lost over 60 pounds and 6 inches in my waist. I feel GREAT!. My attitude is great and I feel I can do anything.