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Dr. Adamcik provides a comprehensive approach to improved quality of life and health. Your evaluation includes a complete medical history and exam. It includes evaluation and recommendations for treatment of his famous 20 test panel. The panel searches for deficiencies in your body , that can largely be replenished with natural interventions. These provide the information needed to optimize your hormonal and metabolic systems.

Dr. Raymond Adamcik

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My passion for this subject only multiplies and obsesses me as I see the benefits of a returned life and health to my patients on a daily basis.

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Concierge Medicine is a unique approach that involves a membership fee, providing its patients with access to all the services provided under one roof.

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Melatonin is the natural sleep mechanism that is produced in the brains Pineal gland. Levels gradually decrease with age.  A high carbohydrate diet lowers melatonin. Alcohol, caffeine and tobacco deplete …


Is your testosterone in the optimal range.? Testosterone is my best quality of life intervention. It greatly improves energy, and improves mood, sleep, libido, and sex function. In additon to …

GLA (gamma lenolenic acid)

GLA raises metabolism by stimulating the burning of brown fat. GLA -can slow cancer growth ,lower blood pressure and activates PPAR which is involved energy and blood sugar control. It …