Both men and women may suffer from sexual dysfunction. There are different conditions involved in sexual dysfunction. This may include diminished libido, poor excitation, erectile dysfunction, and difficulties achieving orgasm. The recommended treatment will vary based on the symptoms.

For women, diminished libido is the most common complaint. Hormone deficiency is at the top of the list as a cause. At Florida Anti-Aging Center, we can optimize the hormones involved in libido (there are more than 1 involved)  and in about 80% of women, the issue is resolved, if not even “better than ever.” Women are complex however, and diminished libido can also involve the mind (relationship issues) or more exotic hormones like oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone of breastfeeding that promotes closeness in a relationship. It can also increase libido, orgasm and orgasm intensity. Conventional doctors are unfamiliar with this alternative. There is also a peptide that greatly improves libido, sexual function, and orgasm potential and intensity. This is an injectable and must be discussed individually.

For a full evaluation, and discussion of treatment options for you, come to Florida Anti-Aging Center.

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