Florida Anti-Aging Center Membership Options

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This membership includes an hour and a half long meeting with Dr. Adamcik upon the first visit with our office. This time will be taken to review a Basic (minimal) hormonal blood analysis (drawn prior to appointment). Dr. Adamcik will give all treatment recommendations for the hormones, thyroid, and vitamin D. He will complete a comprehensive review of recommended diet, exercise, supplements, and metabolism for each individual patient. The doctor will also introduce other advanced treatment options our office offers. This membership, and ALL our memberships, include unlimited office and phone visits. Over the year, Dr. Adamcik will use his expertise and advanced knowledge to individually treat YOU, while closely monitoring your blood work, supplements, medications, diet, and exercise.


This includes ALL the Basic Membership features, PLUS, advanced metabolic treatment. This membership is best for those individuals who want to lose belly fat and treat against the main enemies of sugar damage and inflammation. Management of the medication Metformin and the supplement of DHEA. These both promote weight loss and improve sugar and inflammation results.


This includes everything in the Basic Plus Membership. This option is best for those individuals that want to include HGH or Peptide consultations, review of blood work, and monitoring of any treatments the patient chooses.


  • Male Pellets – Small/Medium $650, Large $700, X-Large $750
  • Female Pellets – Pellet A $350, Pellets B $300
  • Weight Loss Executive – Initial MD visit, phentermine, MIC-B12 shots,
    virtual weigh-ins: starting at $300 for 3 mo.