I am amazed that 6 weeks in and I am feeling wonderful. I am thinking clearer , I have more energy and I am sleeping so much better. Thank you … to everyone … I am getting my magic back !!!!!!!!!

Amy D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Adamcik for several years and he has completely changed my life. He looks at your blood levels tells you what you need to maintain a healthy life. He has turned my life around. I have never felt so healthy and rejuvenated as I have since I started seeing him. It’s life changing!!!

James P.

I don’t even know where to begin. I always have taken care of myself physically and I am a vegan. But mother nature was kicking my butt. I came to Dr. Adamcik about a year now and he has changed my life! I was killing myself working out and he helped jump start everything. I don’t trust anyone but Dr. Adamcik! My husband comes here and feels great and my daughter will be coming here. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Adamcik. Everyone should go see him. He recommended a simple supplement that literally changed my whole life in three weeks!

Monica A.

Doctor Adamcik and his staff are great! They are so easy to talk to and joke with. The doctor is very knowledgeable when it comes to health and how to get your body back on track to a better lifestyle. I highly recommend anyone to come to this facility who is wanting more out of their life.

Chelsea M.

Imagine going through life not knowing the full potential of your body. All your unique and beautiful characteristic hidden by bad life choices and delicious cakes and pies. Florida anti aging helped me get a life back I never knew I had. They help me to reach goals I never knew were attainable. I’ve gained muscle lost fat. My brain function has drastically improved. I’ve achieved life goals and started a business. I’ve drastically improved relationships and attitude. Literally nothing bad has come from my experience here. Everyone can break the mundane cycle you’re living. These people will throw you onto the path to success.

Christopher M.

Maintaining healthy hormone levels as we age can be challenging, and some doctors aren’t willing to explore hormone replacement therapy options. Dr. Adamcik is extremely knowledgeable and can help you reclaim aspects of your life and health you may have thought lost forever. The staff is professional, helpful and kind. I highly recommend Floroda Anti Aging Center for anyone seeking information on HRT or other age related health issies.

Harold S.

Amazing organization that cares for thier patients. Well educated individual trying to enhance the lives of the people he treats. Greatly appreciate all the help and openess from Dr. Adamcik. Wonderful staff that is very responsive, helpful and kind!

Kory C.