Are you growth hormone deficient? (AGHD)

Growth hormone peaks at age 20, and rapidly declines thereafter. Everyone over 20 is a candidate for therapy.

AGHD is adult growth hormone deficiency is therefore very common and easy to diagnose

Earlier symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, low resistance to staying up late at night, depression, mental dullness, less effective workouts and diminished sexual performance.

With treatment these symptoms can be reversed! Growth hormone should really be called repair hormone because it burns fat,improves muscle, improves heart function, confidence, brain function, and general well being. Basically you feel better while you get healthier.

There have now been 390 studies confirming growth hormones positive effects on health , well being and LONGEVITY!, There is strong evidence that GH prolongs life! It does not cause cancer.

In the past , there had been very strict guidelines on the diagnosis, Advanced testing and consultations were required. Now the requirements have simplified. Many people are candidates if you are suffering from the symptoms above

In the past growth hormone was only for the rich. Now there is a new american supplier of growth hormone, at the proper dossing some patient could obtain GH for as little as $85 month

If you believe you are GH deficient and would like to consider therapy , then contact my office for a growth hormone consultation!