In our last issues we discussed the lethal issues of sitting. There is an easy solution to eliminating or reducing these consequences.  It is called the nitric oxide dump.  Here is how it works.

Nitric oxide is produced in your cell walls (endothelium) It promotes the health of your blood vessels and heart. Better blood supply fuels muscles and their development.  You can increase your bodies productions with just 90 seconds of activity. This can be repeated 3-4 times daily for maximum effect. How it is done.

Squats- stand with feet hip width apart, toes forward. Move your butt back as in sitting while you balance with arms forward 10 times

Alternating arm raises -alternate swinging your arms to 90 degrees angles 10 times

Non-jumping jack- begin with arms down fist touching at pelvis, circle your arms over your head with fists touching 10 times

Shoulder presses- Bring fists above your shoulders, elbows bent, then extend your arms straight overhead 10 times

This can be done on lunch or brief breaks.  Try it!

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