So, I threw up a Hail Mary !

BPC 157/TB-4/MGF

Raymond Adamcik M.D., my personal testimonial.

I’ve suffered from right hip pain since I jumped off a sand dune three years ago. I’ve had multiple injections into the hip, and they all worked until the third one which was completely ineffective.

My pain management doctor suggested that I get an MRI and consult with an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon said it was only mild arthritis, which he didn’t think would benefit from hip replacement. There was also a labrum tear, but the treatments of arthroscopic surgery are not that effective for this especially at my age. I also tried the anti-inflammatory diclofenac and it was ineffective.  so at that point I had no solution to my pain! I was going to have to live with it. And each step I took was  4-5 /10 pain!.

So, I threw up a Hail Mary! I started injecting the BPC157/TB4MGF into my right hip right above the area where it was most tender and most painful daily, It got better every day and By day five and when it was time to do my injection, I had forgotten that I had hip pain!  If I really think about my hip, it is 1/10 pain! So, in this case, Hail Mary scored a touchdown!

Your  results can vary based upon what is being treated, it does not cure everything, This is not a scientific study, only my personal experiences . Ther are numerous studies to support the healing properties of these peptides

If you have a condition that you would like to heal better, throw up a hail Mary!

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