Nitric Oxide

Required for RBC to deliver oxygen to tissues.

Critical for energy (ATP) production, everywhere in the body!

Regulates mitochondria production of ATP.

Mitochondrial mitogenesis (production)

Higher levels stimulate more mitochondria and improve function.

Dilates blood vessels and improves y neutralizing ROS.

Deficiency implicated in Htn, ED, dementia, atherosclerosis, Immune dysfunction and more.

Nitric oxide causes relaxation and lowers blood pressure by its normal physiologic manner.

Created naturally by green vegetables, in conjunction with the right bacteria and stomach acid.

Nitrate is needed for production, ideally 300-400 mg, average US is 150 Mg

Avoid mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste and antacids.

Avoid high Carb and processed food intake.

Exercise improves production.

Higher levels stimulate better stem cell function.

Involved in regulation of many body systems including cell signaling and apoptosis (cell death)

It is the master signaling molecule in regulating repair of telomeres by stimulating telomerase (associated with longevity)

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