We have been looking for hidden sources of sugar in the diet. Did anyone identify nuts as a source? I was surprised myself that nuts contain sugar. Most of the nuts that are high in sugar are not really nuts, like peanuts and cashews.  These are not technically in the paleo diet for that reason. Pistachios are also on the higher sugar content list. The amount of sugar in these is not extremely high. These 3 provide around 10 carbs per serving.  Although this is not huge, serving sizes are small.  In addition, the fat content is not the most desirable.   Walnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans are amongst the best nuts, in that their carb content is about ½ of the other 3, and their fat content is higher in monosaturated fat, and for walnuts, omega 3 content also.

So, eat nuts, but the right kind. Continue to look for hidden sugar content in foods!

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