Vitamin K1 and K2. They help protect against 4 major illness. Cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. The number are quite impressive About 80% of patients are Vitamin K deficient. There are 2 main forms,

K1 decreases death by 36%, cancer 46% , Coronary heart disease by 21% and diabetes  17%-51% ( depending on dose) and metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) by 27%-82% . Higher levels if the patient is closer to the diagnosis already

K2 decreased death by 26%, cancer death 28%, prostate cancer death 63%  , coronary heart disease death 57%, and diabetes risk 7%

You may not feel much from vitamin k now, but your health will reward you on down the road. Its an optional nutrient for those that don’t care how long you live, but otherwise if you are a decent supplement taker I strongly recommend it.

I recommend super Kby life extension

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