I recommend tocosorb or doctors tocotrienols for complete replacement and I do not recommend plain vitamin e (alpha tocopherol) Vitamin E is one of the most effective vitamins for disease protection, but the caveat is it most be in the right form, otherwise you may get the opposite result.

Some vitamin E studies have been negative. They showed higher incidence of cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. These studies used manufactured Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol.

Most people don’t know there are 8 forms of Vitamin E. The most effective is gamma tocotrienol It turns out that if you use the alpha form above, it significantly depletes the effective form gamma. Hence negative results

If taken in the right form, vitamin e can significantly reduce many forms of cancer, especially prostate cancer.  It has also been shown to have many other beneficial effects including

Improved blood sugar and insulin sensitivity

Reduced risk (64%) of Alzheimer’s disease (especially with gamma above)

Regression of atherosclerotic plaques

Reduced fatty liver

Reduced inflammation

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