Just back from the world anti-aging conference , Womens health was a big subject, Here’s an update!
Estrogen in women
Women, I have bad news. You have been lied to you and been told that estrogen increases risk for breast cancer. This is completely untrue. There is no evidence to support this! You are much less likely to get breast cancer if you have estrogen. And if you get breast cancer, you are much more likely to survive if you have estrogen.
It is the artificial hormone progestin that has been implicated in breast cancer and other cancers but never estrogen Numerous studies show as much as a 37 % reduction in breast cancer with HRT that includes estrogen.
So, the bad news is that many women have avoided hormone therapy because of fear of breast cancer. But the end result of this is that they will be much more susceptible to dementia.
Women that get a hormone replacement therapy are 58% less likely to get dementia than those that do not get HRT. The reason is that the woman’s brain is critically dependent upon estrogen. estrogen improves brain function. In its absence, the brain’s starts to decline rapidly.
That is bad for most women, but there are some women that it is Really Bad! There are heredity receptor types (called ERS 1) that can have catastrophic results! in these women if the receptor is not stimulated with estrogen, the cell sends out inflammatory destructive signals! It is essentially a self-destruct mechanism ! You can decline much more rapidly! The women likely to have this receptor may suffer with migraine headaches or endometriosis.
Estrogen has been shown to decrease overall mortality by about 28%. It decreases cardiovascular disease if it is not taken by mouth.
Estrogen reduces neuro inflammation and therefore it decreases neurodegenerative diseases. It regulates other nerves and controls a number of serotonin receptors, the happy neurotransmitter. For women that have problems with stress and nonfunctioning of hormones. The supplements quercetin and dim are useful.
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Women often brag about how they progress through menopause. They profess it as if it’s a should get a medal for their act of bravery and suffering. Unfortunately, there is no Medal. The people around you that may have to deal with your symptoms get no medals either.
In my opinion, what this medal shows is that they were somehow able to tolerate the symptoms of aging and body function decline. I’m sorry for your loss. It also shows, that they are uneducate…

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Michelle Rusnak

So true, in my day didn’t have the research, was afraid to take hormones. I am sorry that I didn’t because of health issues. Back then hormones weren’t safe because to strong and not enough research

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