Did you guess Magneisum?

80% of patients are deficient in magnesium, Magnesium used to be present in foods, but soil depletion has limited its availability even in those that consume magnesium rich foods. Magnesium is critical for energy production. In addition to helping fatigue it also helps sleep and mood.

Magnesium’s critical for heart rhythm stabilization, and for blood pressure control, it decrease risk for elevated blood pressure. It improves blood sugar control and decrease diabetes risk. It also decreases cardiovascular risk and people with higher magnesium intakes are 9% less likely to die!

Magnesium Threonate can get to the brain so it is useful for brain fog.  Citrate and Glycinate are well absorbed and less expensive alternative. Magnesium Oxide is poorly absorbed, but helps better for constipation.

Next blog will discuss multivitamins

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