Patients these days aren’t dumb. They can get honorable M.D. degrees just by surfing the internet. LOL Many have researched their symptoms and diagnose themselves with hypothyroid (underactive thyroid). They present with the right symptoms, but they are informed by their physician that they have made a wrong diagnosis and that their thyroid is normal.  Do not believe this. The patient is often right.

To properly assess the thyroid, must first do the right test. A free T3 is my gold standard.  A TSH alone is completely inadequate. Then, the result must be evaluated by an expert. A conventional MD only wants your result to be somewhere in the normal range.  Your result can be on the far low end of the range and you can have all the symptoms of hypothyroid at that is considered normal. I don’t want your results to be normal, I want them to be OPTIMAL. That’s on the higher end of the curve where people feel the best in terms of quality of life and health issues

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