Your life is highly dependent on this critical nutrient level. Lower levels (below 30) are associated with a 5-fold increase in death rate! As levels improve, survival progressively improves to levels around 90.

Vitamin D improves brain function and helps prevents Alzheimer’s diseases.  Low levels are 20 X more likely to get Alzheimer’s!

Vitamin D may prevent some forms of cancer. Overall risk declines 46%. It improves immune function, mood and anxiety. It is anti-inflammatory, and therefore helps arthritis and general achiness.

As nearly 100 % are deficient, supplementation is generally recommended for most people. The consequences of deficiency are severe.  I recommend professional monitoring of this condition. Most people are vastly underdosed. If you are relying on your multivitamin or your D with Calcium for your vitamin D or even the sun, or heaven forbid Milk!  you are vastly underdosed! Most people require at least 5,000 IU daily.  Absorption varies greatly and occasionally very large doses may be required to get optimum levels. For many D 3 50,000 IU weekly is the best road to good health with proper monitoring.

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